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How green are summer music festivals?

How Green Are Summer Music Festivals?

Do you have plans to head to one of the many summer music festivals happening in the country this year? Are you wondering just how “green” these festivals are and what they do in order to ensure as small a footprint as possible? You may be surprised to hear the many different measures these festivals take in order to be as green as possible, many of which most people probably don’t even notice.


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Green Washroom Facilities – One of the Main Areas

One of the most noticeable areas where summer music festivals take a “green” approach is with their washroom facilities. It’s quite common for festivals to set up satellite portable toilets, which actually protect the environment, and people, in a number of ways. First off, by offering portable toilets with proper disposal you are keeping the waste from the surrounding areas. Without the option of a portable toilet, environmental contamination is a real hazard, not to mention a serious health risk.

Portable toilet stations also feature hand wash and even hand sanitation stations, which helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria through the event.

To top it off, these portable toilets uses much less water than your traditional toilet. Even a low-flow toilet uses more than portable toilets do.

Recycling Stations On-Site

It’s also becoming more and more common at these festivals to see recycling stations set up, rather than just standard garbage bins. This gives concert goers a chance to help the environment and recycle rather than throwing everything into the trash. These bins are placed in strategic locations around the grounds and there tends to be a large number of them so they can be easily found.

Some Materials May Be Banned

Depending on the event you attend, there may also be a ban on certain materials that cause a bigger impact on the environment. Plastic bags and containers may not be welcomed on the grounds, for example.

Public Transportation Options

Because you need to get to the festival by some means of transportation, event organizers are starting to come up with greener solutions. Rather than everyone arriving by car and burning all that fuel and sending those emissions into the environment, many offer shuttle bus services straight from public transportation stations. As an added bonus, this means you won’t have to worry about where you’ll park at the event.

Bring a Reusable Beverage Container

Another tip straight from the organizers is that concert-goers bring their own reusable drinking cup that they can refill throughout the event. This cuts back on the amount of plastic bottles and paper cups that are needed. You can also use an insulated thermos in order to keep your beverages colder or hotter for longer periods of time.

Music Festivals are Doing Their Part

As the push for more green initiatives continues, it looks like the music festivals are doing their part and looking for all kinds of ways that they can decrease their environmental footprint.


Understanding the Threat of Carbon Monoxide in the Home

You may have seen the recent media campaign featuring a banjo-playing chicken singing about the importance of carbon monoxide detection in the home. You may also have been confused  and possibly distracted, like us, as to why this chicken was the right character to inform about a very serious danger that threatens the homes of Irish citizens.


So let’s get to the facts – carbon monoxide kills on average 1 to 2 people per year in Ireland. This is a relatively low number, but what is most distressing about carbon monoxide related deaths is that they are entirely needless and avoidable. Simple measures can be implemented in the home to dispel any threats that may exist.


But what is Carbon monoxide? Well, it is an odourless, colourless, poisonous gas that is virtually undetectable to the human senses. It is often dubbed the ‘silent killer’ because of its almost unnoticeable presence. Carbon monoxide is produced when there is when there is a lack of air for the combustion process of fossil fuels, mostly due to a faulty appliance. In non-fatal circumstances, this release of CO (chemical symbol for carbon monoxide) can make people who inhale the substance feel nauseous and ill. Some of the symptoms of this include:


  • Random headaches, chest pains or muscular weakness
  • Sickness, diarrhoea or pains in the stomach
  • Sudden dizziness when standing up
  • General tiredness


It is important that if you or members of your household are experiencing these symptoms, that they go outside and inhale fresh air straight away. After doing this, it’s vital that a carbon monoxide detector is installed as soon as possible.


But not letting it get to this stage is the key, and simple safety precautions can be followed in order to ensure that such drastic occurrences do not happen.


  • Ensure all appliances are correctly installed
  • Make sure rooms are ventilated and that vents are never blocked
  • Make sure all chimneys are regularly cleaned and cleared
  • Do not use an appliance if you believe it to be faulty
  • Regularly maintain and inspect appliance, flues, chimneys and vents
  • Install an effective carbon monoxide detector in your home.


We hope that this information provides you with enough knowledge to tackle any carbon monoxide threat that may manifest itself in your home. It is important that this knowledge is universally available and widely known. It is a serious issue, and probably deserves a more serious ambassador than a musical chicken.…

Why MyProtein’s Discounts & Bundles Are Terrible News For Those Who Recycle

MyProtein was established several years ago. A bright spark in the UK recognised the demand for whey protein and set about creating the fitness nutrition company from his bedroom. The idea was spurred by the fact that supermarkets and health nutrition stores like Holland and Barratt were obscenely expensive, and the protein sold in the gym reception themselves was usually priced at over £40 for a kilo.

From Bedroom Boy To Millionaire


The idea was born and the evergreen demand was all that Oliver needed to launch the company. Quick growth accelerated his operations which lead to MyProtein becoming a national brand, dominating the fitness supplement industry. The idea was simple – produce protein powder in mass quanitties, package it cheaply with basic branding and sell it to the masses. It worked and it’s easy to see why. An average kilo of whey protein will set you back over £30 in a British supermarket. Oliver was selling his for less than half of that – closer to a third, in fact, when you took his bulk discounts and promotions into account. The service was polished off by the lucrative next day delivery with DPD. That was all that was needed to propel the company into being the biggest fitness nutrition brand in the country. Oliver has since moved on to starting up a different company to rival MyProtein, he’s named it GoNutrition and aimed at slightly higher end products with a more prestigious product and branding. What did he do with MyProtein? He sold it for a small fortune. The Hut Group purchased the company in June 2011 for an estimated £54 million.

The Company Rely On Discount Codes, Coupons and Deals


MyProtein discounts and coupon codes are everywhere. has an excellent list of the latest and greatest discount codes available for MyProtein. The brand has capitalised on the coupon craze that has spurned recession dodging shoppers into thrifty, frugal spenders, who chase the thrills associated with getting a good deal and counting the pennies they save. Whilst MyProtein remain environmentally friendly with their online presence sustaining from a plethora of paperwork and junk mail being forced down consumer’s throats, their bulk discount hampers and packaged protein deals are a nightmare for the keen recyclers.



Terrible For Recycling


Protein orders are delivered in a huge cardboard box. That’s not the issue, though. The box is secured with a vast array of plastic bubble wrap, padding and what you would consider a recycler’s worst nightmare. I understand it’s necessary to secure loose items – but why not use recycled soft card and paper like amazon do? They’ve clearly shown it to be feasible on a mass scale, so why can’t MyProtein. The other issues lies solely with the products packaging itself. Certain supplements, drinks and syrups arrive in a plastic bottle, which many local recycling centres will take. The protein, however, is packaged in a thick plastic sachet that can’t be recycled. The company has made strides into catering for vegetarians, vegans and various other niche markets. It remains a worry though that their core product is so far from what we consider to be 2016 acceptable standards of packaging. Supermarkets and grocery stores take great flak from the public due to their unnecessary packaging, but …

Top Energy Conservation Tips for Businesses

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what follows next—electricity rates will be on the rise as well. Any business would want to cut back on unnecessary energy use to keep their hard-earned money in the bank and reduce their operating expenses.

While hiring an energy consulting firm can help a business in identifying areas where electricity consumption can be minimized, the following are some general tips that can come in handy for businesses wanting to lower utility costs:

•Improve efficiency of cooling and ventilation systems

During the hot months, cooling and ventilation systems often are the major contributors to the sudden increase in electricity consumption of any business. To avoid unnecessary cooling costs, use a programmable thermostat that can facilitate adjustment and regulation of the temperature levels. The use of a locking cover over the thermostat will also be helpful as employees won’t be able to change temperature settings.

Make it a habit to close the window blinds so that the rooms will be shaded from direct sunlight. Keep exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible. Install window film and solar screen in windows facing the east and west.
Recommend installation of ceiling fans, as these don’t consume a lot of electricity and can make it at least four degrees cooler during the hot months.

•Choose the right light for the right task

You’d be surprised to learn that lighting can be reduced at many offices, stores and factories without affecting employee productivity. Try to switch off as many unnecessary lights as possible. Instead of overhead lighting, why not consider task
lighting. It can provide your business savings of as much as 15 percent on your electricity bills.
Replace old fluorescent lights with LED or other energy efficient fixtures. Compact fluorescent light is also a good choice, using 75 percent less electricity than incandescent bulb but producing the same amount of light.

Moreover, it lasts longer (around 10,000 hours) compared to the incandescent light (around 1,000 hours on the average).

To increase the output of light, clean bulbs, fixtures, lamps, lenses and reflective surface regularly. Removing dust and dirt can make these lighting fixtures produce better illumination.

•Computers and other office equipment

A business can save up to $100 a year for every computer that is turned off when not in use. As such, install in your employees the habit of switching off computers, printers, and other office equipment when not in use, particularly overnight and weekends.

The use of ‘smart’ power trips can be useful as well, as these can turn off computer and other office equipment after sensing the presence or absence of office workers.

When buying new office equipment, purchase only those that have the Energy Star logo. And purchase a proper sized copier suited for your business needs.

Following these steps can really help save on expenses. A business doesn’t necessarily need to hire an energy consulting firm to be able to cut down on electricity costs, although it is the best option to save the most money possible.…

Read These Helpful Tips For Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Your responsibilities as the owner and manager of a carpet cleaning service business are much less onerous when you have a carpet cleaning agency direction in mind for your business when you begin. That doesn’t mean you won’t encounter many barriers to achieving your goals for your business. To establish and expand a carpet cleaning company, you’ll need some tips; the ones below have been selected by our experts as some of the very best.

Now isn’t the time to take a break once your carpet cleaning service business has started to succeed. Effective companies are successful because they’re managed through constant planning and exercising creative ideas that encourage growth. The most fundamental tools for building a profitable business are commitment and focus on success. Keep in mind, always be setting new goals and pushing forward to make a success out of your endeavor.

If you are definitely the owner or an employee, you should still always interact with a positive outlook when engaging the public. It’s crucial to make all visitors to your carpet cleaning service business feel comfortable and valuable. A necessary part of employee training is training them on customer interaction skills. Clients who certainly have an outstanding involvement with your carpet cleaning agency will get the message out and be instrumental in extending your business.

Savvy buyers will check out a carpet cleaning service business they haven’t shopped with before; many of them turn to one of the popular review sites found on the world wide web prior to placing an order. Consider inviting customers to leave feedback and post product reviews on your website. Positive reviews will greatly enhance your brand’s online reputation and boost your sales. Develop a great reputation online by encouraging your customers to give feedback; provide a discount or an exclusive promotion as a reward.

Do not hire on new employees without being extremely careful. Before employing anyone at your first, make certain that he or she’s capable of conducting the tasks assigned to them by the job and that they hold the necessary requirements. You must ensure all new employees receive training in order that they can productively complete their tasks. Carpet cleaning agencys that have the most achievement are really the ones that have employees who’re upbeat, spurred and very much prepared.

Stay away from the chances of bankruptcy by analyzing risks carefully and methodically before making big carpet cleaning service business decisions. Businesses have faltered due to huge risks being undertaken. It’s important to anticipate risk and plan ways to minimize the likelihood that the worst will come to pass. If you do decide to gamble somewhat when it comes to making decisions that can affect your business, be sure to look objectively at all possible outcomes before acting.

These tips of the trade are specially brought to you in partnership with Red River Carpet Cleaning.

Buying The Best Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners have gradually become the most sought after cleaning equipment by most households across countries. The reasons for this popularity are also justified. The extent of cleaning done by steam cleaners is greater in steam cleaners than other cleaners. Vacuum cleaners were not efficient at the removal of tough stains from objects and floors. Handheld steam cleaners are fitted with nozzles that focus the energy in a steam cleaner over a small area. Using the precision nozzles in handheld steam cleaners even the toughest of stains can be cleaned from objects and floors.

There are several other factors that have led to the increase in popularity and sale of steam cleaners. The most important among them is their ability to sanitize the surfaces and objects that are cleaned by them. Also, the depth of the cleaning provided by steam cleaners is greater than other cleaners. When you plan to purchase a steam cleaner or a vapor steam cleaner you must take into account various things. Among them the floor area of your house, your requirements from a steam cleaner and your budget are important.

In choosing the steam cleaner that suits your needs you may take into account customers’ reviews on various blogs and websites. You must ensure that these reviews are reliable and are not biased. Features of the steam cleaners must also be taken into account. This is significant because it will allow you to assess and judge whether your requirements can be fulfilled from it or not. Only buy those models or brands of steam cleaners that have the potential to fulfill your requirements. Buying a steam cleaner that does not fulfill all of your requirements is not a smart choice.

If you have a house that has a very large floor area then you should buy a steam cleaner that has high storage capacity for steam. This means that the cylinder capacity of the steam cleaner must be high. This will allow the fulfillment of your requirement of a longer cleaning period of the steam cleaner that you purchase.

You may also consider buying a vapor steam cleaner and not a traditional steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaners are similar to traditional steam cleaners in structure and method of usage. The factor that distinguishes them is that the vapor steam cleaners do not render the surfaces moist after cleaning. Many users of traditional steam cleaners often complain of the cleaned surfaces being left moist. With vapor steam cleaners you must be able to avoid such a scenario.

Handheld steam cleaners can be considered if you do not want to clean floors and other large surface areas. Handheld steam cleaners are particularly efficient at cleaning of objects and articles. You might also consider purchasing two in one steam cleaners. These steam cleaners have a handheld variety of steam cleaner alongside a traditional steam cleaner for cleaning of floors. Thus the benefits of two in one steam cleaners are more than traditional steam cleaners. However, a proper assessment of your needs before a purchase is crucial.…

Dispose of your garden and building waste quickly

Disposing of large amounts of rubbish can be time consuming and costly, even moreso if you are performing home renovations, or have a sizeable garden to tend to. It’s all too easy to let a large mountain of waste build up in your garden during home DIY sessions, or whilst landscaping your garden, and loading the rubbish into your car or van could mean hours of work and multiple trips to the landfill site.

You could use a skip hire company to help you take the muck away from your garden if you’ve just laid a new patio, or returfed your lawn, but if your garden is exceptionally large, or you have waste from knocking down an old shed, or garage, or if you’ve been doing some home improvements, you may need 2 or more skips to manage the amount of rubbish you have amassed.

Companies that provide grab hire services will usually charge a single fee for collection, and disposal of the waste – much like conventional skip and dumper hire companies.

The most convenient part of using a grab truck rather than skips is, you can dump all of your rubbish in one huge pile, in a convenient location which a grab truck can access, the company will then send a truck out to you and the driver will operate the on-board crane arm to pick up all of your rubbish and place it into the truck – a much simpler process than trying to lift wheelbarrows of dirt and rubble into a skip.

It is important that all of your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, most garden waste will break down easily, but disposing of rubber tyres and other material needs to be done carefully – a specialist company will ensure they take all of your waste to the correct type of waste processing service, whether it be direct to landfill, or to a recycling plant.

Did you know that over 9 million tonnes of waste was sent to landfil in the UK alone over the year 2013? That’s a serious amount of rubbish, but what’s even more shocking is, that of all waste disposed of, over 40% was sent to be recycled, so the amount of waste in real terms was closer to 13 million tonnes – now think of that in terms of waste across the world, landfill sites cannot take waste indefinitely, so it is important that you dispose of your waste responsibly – reputable skip and grab hire companies will deal with this for you, and will be licenced to dispose of certain types of waste which smaller 1 man band, man with a van type rubbish disposal companies will not.

Don’t let the amount of waste you’ll generate scupper your plans for a new kitchen, a decked garden, or a fully renovated home, just be sure to call in the specialists when it comes to disposing of your waste material, that way you can be sure it’s going to the right place and not harming the environment.…

Keep your car running for longer, for less

Recently whilst looking at a change of car, I stumbled upon a lot of conflicting information relating to car warranty schemes, and extended car warranties, after hours of research I decided what was right for me, but I realised it is a seriously confusing market, and knowing what is what can take you a lot of time.

I was specifically looking for an extended car warranty, the car I was looking at did not have any manufacturer warranty left on it, but if you’re looking for any type of car warranty, you should check the following first:

– How old is the car, does it have any existing manufacturers warranty left on it?
– What extras does your car have? The reason for this will become apparent later in this article.

What is a Manufactuers warranty? – A manufacturers warranty is usually provided with a new car sale, that is – a brand new car, the manufacturer will repair and replace any problem parts, or other issues with your vehicle whilst it’s under warranty (the warranty generally does not include wear and tear items such as tyres, brakes, and other service items, unless explicitly stated). The issue with a manufacturers warranty is, however, that it lasts just long enough that not a lot will go wrong, they usually last from 3 to 5 years, and it’s generally around the 5 – 6 year mark when problems start to arise, so unless there is a manufacturing defect, you won’t generally need to call on your manufacuters warranty all that often.

Some people may say this is dishonest, however, it’s actually what the warranty is supposed to do, it protects you against any unforseen faults during manufacturing, or any part breaking down in an unreasonable amount of time – not to cover items which will break after a large amount of use.

This is where an extended warranty would come into play, the purpose of an extended warranty is to cover items beyond the manufacturers warranty, meaning you have a lot less to worry about in terms of expensive repair bills. With today’s modern cars, come modern features, and with modern features you get large repair bills if something goes wrong, so have a think about your particular car, and what it has, and ensure it is covered by any extended warranty you may take out.

The types of features we’re talking about here aren’t something that are on every car, but are generally optional extras on most models, things such as;

– Satellite Navigation
– Reversing camera/reverse sensors
– collision avoidance
– adaptive cruise control
– Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
– Turbocharger / Supercharger
– Four wheel drive system
– Multi fuel/Hybrid system

All of these can be expensive to repair in the event of a fault, so it’s important that you ensure all of your extras are covered. Some warranties will cover the full cost of repair, whilst others will cover part of the repair cost, with you needing to make up the difference, both of these can have their uses, it’s up to you to decide which you require.

Once you’re ready to start shopping around, make a list of companies you contact, and save the following information;

– The price you were quoted
– What you get …

Kitchen Items You Can Start Recycling Today

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. Whether you love to cook or you let your spouse take charge of the food preparation, it is likely that you often frequent the kitchen just to check out what’s being prepared. The truth is, this area is that part of the home where a lot of waste is being disposed.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should throw away everything you use in the kitchen. You don’t need to have an energy consulting company tell you that there are many kitchen items you can recycle, such as:

1.Glass bottles

Glass bottles usually go to waste in the kitchen. But you shouldn’t put these items in the trash bin. These are often accepted by curbside recycling programs. Or if you can’t find one, repurpose them into vases and jars.

2.Cardboard boxes

Once you have consumed a box of oatmeal, you’ll likely throw away the packaging. But cardboard boxes can be recycled for other purposes. You may find them useful for the school projects of your children. And even if you don’t have children yet, don’t throw away those boxes as they may serve as new storage down the road.

Once the expiration date of bread passes, you will immediately throw this common kitchen food, right? But there are other things that you can do instead of putting it in the trashcan. You can reuse bread by making breadcrumbs, French toast, and even bread pudding.

4.Leftover food

On the average, a household in the United States will throw away around 480 pounds of food scraps every year. All those leftover food generated by US households would be enough to fill a football field.
Arguably the most practical way to make the most out of scrap food is to compost it. Composting is one of the best ways to make natural fertilizer for your plants.
By learning how to compost your food scraps, you can decrease your household waste by up to 30 percent.
Just don’t use meat and fish waste as compost because these can attract rodents and other scavenging animals.

5.Milk cartons

Milk cartons don’t have to be thrown away once all the milk has been consumed. Just like glass bottles, a curbside recycling program can pick up milk cartons. Carton recycling has also been increasing in the United States over the past few years; proof that more and more households are recycling these kitchen items instead of throwing them away.

6.Old appliances

If you’re buying a new oven and your old one still works, then there’s no reason to toss it to the trashcan. There are lots of curbside programs that will accept the old unit. You can even check out Craigslist and see whether you can sell your old oven.
These are some tips that you should keep in mind whenever you see a kitchen item about to be tossed out.…

Breathe new life into your office

The looks of a commercial office environment are more important than you think. For many customers and potential customers, your office is the one glimpse into your business that they may get, so ensuring it looks good is a high priority. The painting and decorating of your office need not take up your own time either, London Commercial Decorators will perform your required decorating at evenings or weekends so that your customers don’t need to be inconvenienced.

Remember when you are planning the decoration of your office, it’s improtant to think about the layout of your office and how it will look when finished. Whilst you need to make it look nice for your customers, it also has to be a comfortable place for your employees to work. Whether you plan your design yourself, or ask a decorating firm for ideas, or even go as far as calling in an interior design service, you should ensure you pick a reputable commercial painting and decorating firm.

Most office buildings look best with a light and airy entrance/reception area so that customers instantly feel at ease when they walk in. Whilst lighting and decoration can play a big part in the interior decoration, the paint colours you choose can make a huge impact on the final result. Plan the layout of the room – will you have chairs in reception for customers to wait to be seen? If so – try to make it interesting. Plain white walls are bright and clean looking, but they can be pretty boring, don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour!

Making the best use of the space you have available is important, using light coloured, compact furniture can help you create the illusion of space and cleanliness. Be sure that your office doesn’t look cramped or uncomfortable, your employees have to spend at least 5 days per week there!

If you have corridors in your commercial space, ensure they are well lit and use bright colours to avoid any claustrophobic feeling. Ensure that you allow adequate space for signage when planning your new look, there’s nothing worse than trying to find your way to a particular room and checking each individual door – help your clients find their way to their destination.

A doctors surgery is an excellent example of a commercial office environment that benefits from signage – with multiple doctors working in different rooms it’s important the patient gets to the right place. You don’t want a customer walking into the wrong room – where a meeting or consultation is already taking place, or even into a broom closet!

Commercial decorators are very similar to normal household decorators, with one exception – they have different equipment available to them. Generally an office building will have a much larger surface area which needs to be decorated, so the likes of small scaffolding, and paint guns can speed up the process.…

Recycling Expired Domains

Almost every day of the week, thousands of domain names expire and are made available for registration again, or if the domain is seen as premium, it may go to a domain auction.

Ok, you might be saying “Why do I care if someone elses domain expires, it’s not going to cause problems for my website or email!”, which is technically right, but you should care, because expired domain names can be very useful to you. Expired domains are big business these days, with specialist brokers snapping up domain names to develop or to sell on. There are many websites online which provide a tool or list to search for expired domain names relating to your business, and we’ll tell you just why you’d want to purchase such a domain

But first, let’s go over what an expired domain name is – quite simply, it is a domain name which someone purchased for a period of time, whether that be 1 year or 10 years. That time has now ran out and the previous owner has either decided not to pay for another period of time, or has forgotten to pay. The domain name has now been removed from the previous owner and has been placed back into the list of available domain names, which anyone can register.

Ok, back to why you should care about someone elses expired domain;

– The domain name could have been a very well developed website under it’s previous owner, it may be that it’s a website many people remember and would love to see back online, what this means is, you would have traffic straight away once you placed a site on the domain, without having to do any form of advertising.

– The previous owner may have advertised the website extensively, they may even have paid for advertising which is still in place, this would mean that not only would you get a domain name for your money, you would also get some free advertising – everybody loves free stuff, right?

– The website may have been well ranked within the big search engines, imagine picking up a domain name which ranks number 1 for a hard to conquer keyword – a lot of the hard work has already been done for you – if a domain name has not expired for a long period of time, or you’ve purchased a domain name which hasn’t yet dropped (an about to expire domain) then the chances are, the search engine rankings won’t have dropped too much – you could make some serious money if you monetise the website properly.

– A lot of link building and social mentions could already be in place for the domain name. We all know that link building is grey-hat SEO at best, potentially even black hat, unless it is natural of course, and it can also be time consuming and costly. Purchasing an expired domain name which also has a diverse link profile can be an excellent way to get a head start.

So, if these expired domains are so great, why are they expired?

It’s hard to say really, it could be for a number of reasons;

– The previous owner may be suffering some financial hardship, and the cost of renewing a domain name and …

A Beginners checklist to Online Marketing

If you’re a beginner to the world of online marketing, the huge about of resources available across the web can look very daunting, but this need not be the case. Whilst there are a million and one ways to market your product, brand or service online, we’ll address some of the top areas you should be addressing in order to get your foot on the ladder.

Everyones goal when online marketing varies, but each and every person who is trying out online marketing shares 2 common factors – they wish to drive traffic to their online presence, and they wish to convert that traffic into a sale, a lead, a download or something else.

So what steps do you need to take extra care to ensure you complete?

Make a list

I can’t emphasise this enough, the planning stage is the most important stage of ANY project, whether it be online marketing, creating a product, or even planning a holiday. Have a clear concise list of what you wish to achieve and how you think you can achieve it.

Things to include:

– Your target market – if you’re selling million dollar homes, your target market is likely going to be older, possibly married men and women, not single unemployed 17 year olds – wasting time marketing to the wrong audience can be a costly mistake.

– How you plan to approach the market – add a second list of ideas you have brainstormed, are you planning promotions? Giveaways? Something else to make those people interested in your brand over a competitor brand?

– Your budget. Be clear on this, it is VERY easy to overspend or to get “nothing” for your money in the internet marketing world. Pick a reputable company such as Calagry Internet marketing. Ensure you set a budget and stick to it. Break the budget down into key areas and keep a small contingency fund for anything that is more expensive than your initial thoughts, but never go over budget.

Once you’ve completed your list, you’re going to need to ensure what you’re marketing is as good as it can be.

The Website

We recommend building, or having built a clean, modern website that belongs to you. It should be easy to use, and appeal to your target market – Everything should be easy to find and there should be no complicated process required to complete your sale/conversion. The less clicks it takes a user from landing on your homepage to completing the action you want them to, the better.

The Conversion Funnel

A sales or conversion funnel is simply a streamlined ideal of how you’d like things to go – You want traffic to your website, you then want the visitor to click a link to your product, and be interested in the product, they have now converted from a normal visitor to a prospective customer, you then want the prospective customer to convert by purchasing your product/service/other and become a customer, thus flowing through the funnel.

Conversion/Sales funnels can be as complex, or as simple as you need it to be for your particular target market.

Solve A Problem

Perhaps one of the best ways to get visitors to a website, and to sell a product, is to solve a problem. That problem …

Breastfeeding & Baby Slings

Even in today’s modern world, there still appears to be some form of stigma around women brestfeeding their babies in public. Most mothers still try to go somewhere private and out of sight of others in order to breastfeed their baby, to avoid unnecesarry confrontation – however, many of them aren’t aware that a woven baby wraps can allow them to breastfeed whilst carrying their baby around, and nobody will be able to see, or have any idea what they are doing.

Breastfeeding is a natural act, it has been a “thing” since the birth of the first baby, ever and those who have something to say about it being disgusting or unnatural should be ashamed of themselves, but if a woman is using a baby carrying wrap whilst breastfeeding, the people who have a problem with the process will be none the wiser.

Baby carriers are not only for mothers either – fathers have started to use them more often, with many styles and types of wrap available, they are actually becoming fashionable as well as useful. You can pick up a baby carrier to match most styles these days, meaning even the most fashion concious of people can go out happy with what they’re wearing.

Most baby slings are made from soft material which keeps the baby warm and cosy, meaning they feel safe – like they are back in the womb, this also keeps the baby settled. Shopping for a baby carrier can be confusing, there are so many different shapes, sizes and materials, our best advice is to take your time, try the ones you like the look/feel of for size – what is comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another.

Many different baby shops stock baby slings and carriers, you can also purchase them online however you wouldn’t be able to try before you buy, although purchasing online is often cheaper, with discounts available. It can be exhausting trying to carry an infant around with you whilst doing day to day chores, so ordering or purchasing a baby carrier can be a real relief – having both arms free to do your work and other tasks, even shopping, are suddenly much easier, and your baby is kept close and secure.

Baby hip carriers are similar in design to baby slings and carrier wraps. Both types offer excellent support for the baby, and are also comfortable for the parent to wear.

Baby wraps are becoming more common as gifts at baby showers or christening parties, that means that parents are being introduced to them early on, and recommending or gifting them to friends – they are increasingly popular and if you’ve not tried one yet, you’re missing out!

Who needs a baby carrier? Quite simply, anyone who has a baby – they are stylish, comfortable and versatile. Pushing a pram around all day can be hard, especially if you’re shopping and need a shopping trolley too, baby slings have removed this issue and make everything easier and more convenient.…

A guide to buying drones online

Drones are exciting toys and professional gadgets that everyone both kids and adults would like to get their hands on. You however need to read a guide to buying drones online and understand all the factors and types before spending your cash. With the sales of drones/ UAVs shooting into millions of units the public needs guides before jumping into the pool of these remote controlled aircrafts. It is important to educate yourself on your country’s airspace regulations before purchasing a drone. One should also train on the best way to fly these small machines. Here are five guides on the drone to buy.

1. Not all drones are easy to fly

First keep in mind that all flying things are hard to control. For example a simple quad copter is impossible to fly and what keeps it flying is the inbuilt computer called the flight controller that is responsible for balance, gyration, e.t.c. and depending on the way the flight controller is set up, every drone flies differently. Some are set for more agility while some are set for more stability. Unlike planes and helicopters, drones have a direct relationship of ease of flight and price with the easiest to fly ranging inthe$700. This is due to the additional sensors to make the flight controller work better. As at now, some of the easiest drones to fly are the 3DR SOLO, Inspire 1, Phantom and Q500 4K. The drones like Syma X5C and Hubsan which are cheaper are much harder to controller.

2. Not all drones are ready to fly

As a guide to buying drones online, we cannot fail to explain the meaning of these common terms RTF, BNF and ARF.
– RTF means ready to fly. This kind of drone or quad copter comes readily assembled leaving you with only small tasks like charging the battery, installing the propeller and binding the controller.
– BNF stands for bind and fly. This kind of quad copter is delivered completely assembled but with no controller. If you have another controller and its compatible then you can use it or buy one sold separately. Check to make sure the controller has the correct protocol to communicate with the drone.
– ARF which stands for almost ready to fly are like quad copter kits. They usually do not come with a transmitter or receiver and may also require some level of assembly. The kit may also lack things like flight controller, battery, ESCs or motors. The definition of ARF is varied with every manufacturer.

3. Make a good investment prior

Since you will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars you need to really take your time and study the features that apply to your needs. A few of the points to consider are listed below:
– Go for a good controller and you will not regret it. They are not like smartphones that gets outdated every few months so they will serve you longer. Some can even be used for over ten years and still serve you perfectly. The transmitter part is removable so you have the freedom of upgrading it with new communication technology over time.
– It is advisable to invest in a good charger even though the prices maybe high. The cheap one that come with …

Keeping old computers alive

One of the largest issues with waste comes from electrical goods, many are too old to be broken down and recycled, or are quite simply not compatible with newer hardware, this can often mean that it ends up in a landfill site, taking hundreds of years to break down.

So what are the alternatives? Well, if your old computer or laptop still works, even if it’s slow and no good for you, someone else may get some use out of it – try selling it or even giving it away on a local Facebook group, or on a website such as ebay.

If your laptop or computer was working well for your needs, but suddenly stopped working then perhaps all is not lost. There are many businesses out there who specialise in fixing broken computers and laptops, old or new – wherever you are in the world there will either be a local retail store who can do the repairs for you, if not, you can use a remote service, this is often less convenient as you need to pack up your system and send it via courier or postal service to the repair company, which can be both costly and time consuming.

Dropping into a store such as computer repair Dublin, provided by Celtic Repairs in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 is a fast and convenient way to have your old system repaired, you’ll be able to stay in regular contact with the repair team and also support a local business.

Help save the planet, use laptop repair Dublin or a comparable service, try to sell your systsem, or donate it to charity and keep your old computer system out of the landfill!…

Recycling & Building Materials

In this day and age, everyone wants to go green and it has become a priority in our culture. For that reason, a lot of designers are focusing on developing passive energy systems as well as using materials from old demolition sites before they commence building the new project. After all, a lot of buildings nowadays use recyclable materials such as concrete, metal, glass and even brick. In the UK, a West Midlands paving contractor called Birmingham Paving have worked diligently to try and use recycled materials in many different public spaces across the years.

When a site doesn’t have much to provide, developers look for other settings. These recycled materials are very long lasting and in some instances they have even become stronger as a result. As recycling materials continue to increase, designers have suggested using groundbreaking procedures to try and push the borders to what we have created and the NL Architects have even suggested turning an old sewage silo into a rock climbing facility.

The design for a property rotated around materials that were found from a patio area and the eucalyptus and parquet flooring became the main feature. Glazing was used from a previous site and the laminated light beams were an exhibition and the framework for the home. So the materials for the building, even though they were recycled, actually ended up lasting much longer when compared and they were somewhat reinforced as a result. It has become the foundation of modern architecture and there are plenty of other designers out there who are doing their best to experiment with new designs. The materials that they are experimenting with may be somewhat unconventional, but the more we can progress with this, the better results we can achieve and the more of an impact we can make.…

Water Recycling – What, How & Why

According to a company called WaterWise, London is actually drier than Istanbul. In fact, around 30% of the water that we do use is flushed, 24% is used for cleaning and 1.3% is used for drinking. Even so, 100% of it is completely safe for us to consume. Rainwater harvesting systems often take a back seat when it comes to renewable energy but even so, we need to reduce water and that much is common sense. When you look at Greywater recycling, you will find that it can handle over 60% of the water that goes into your home.

Other options include a borehole, which is topped with a manhole. When you combine this with a pump set up, you can already start to see how this could be a viable option however this could set you back over £20,000. This is a little bit expensive to say the least but both systems can make it so you have more water available in your home. Take the re-aqua for example, it gathers up water that you use in your shower and your bath and it filters it. After this has been done, it sanitizes it and it makes it available. It isn’t drinkable but it can be used when you are flushing your toilet or for any other cleaning duties you need it for. It will cost you around £1,300 to set up but it will save you 30% off your water bill. If this sounds interesting, maybe you should consider the reAqua, which will set you back around £1,000. A whole house system which will filter any greywater from your taps and baths will cost you around £4,000-£6,000 and this reflects how much you could save. Even so, there are cheaper options available and this is something you should consider.…

OnRecycle Takes Your Old Smartphone, Recycles It & Pays You

You may not realise it, but your old smartphone may be of value to someone else. As newer models appear on the market, more smartphone users decide to upgrade and discard their old phones. However, if you use a recycling service like OnRecycle, you can get paid to recycle your old phone.

How it Works

You can sell your old phone using various online companies that specialise in buying and selling used smartphones. You simply search for the type of phone you’re selling. Once you’ve found the exact phone model, these online providers find you the best possible price for your smartphone. The price each recycling company is willing to pay you is listed and you can then decide which option is the best for you.

To find the exact model you’re looking for, users enter their phone details in an easy-to-use interface. The main details required to complete a search and list phone prices include the following:

Device type
Phone brand
Phone model
Memory size

Phone condition

Once these details are selected, you press the search button. This will return all the current prices that phone recyclers are willing to pay for your type of phone. These results include the name of the recycler, the price they’re willing to pay, payment speed, payment methods, user ratings and a ‘Sell Now’ button.

Once you find a price you’re satisfied with, press the ‘Sell Now’ button. This transfers you to the recycler’s website you have chosen to sell your smartphone to. From there on you’re dealing with an individual recycler who will take more details about your phone. The rest of the transaction takes place between you and the recycler you have chosen to sell your phone to.

Who Can Use This Service?

This service can be used by anyone who can connect to the internet. Once you have a smartphone, you no longer use, visit the OnRecycle website and enter your phone’s details.

Benefits of Using This Service

This is an extremely useful service because you can quickly turn a smartphone you’re no longer using into cash. OnRecycle not only gives you the opportunity to make money selling your phone though. It also lets you find the best possible price from a range of phone recycling companies. This is a huge benefit because it means you don’t have to waste time visiting individual recycling websites and comparing the prices yourself.

What Phones Are Applicable?

Almost every phone imaginable can be recycled and you will get paid for this. Apple, HTC, Blackberry and a huge number of other phones from leading manufacturers can be searched for through a simple to use interface.

Phone Condition

Most used phones suffer from some kind of wear and tear after being used for a certain amount of time. In other cases, the phone may be broken. This is not a problem with this type of comparison website. You enter your phone details and the system returns prices for broken, working and new phones.

Phones keep changing and many people have old phones lying around their homes. These phones could be worth a lot of money. To find out how much, visit a phone comparison website like OnRecycle today.…

Sell on your unwanted website

Did you know that thousands of websites are bought and sold every day on the internet? We don’t mean newly registered domain names either, we’re talking about websites which have a proven track record, which have been running for months, or even years.

It can be hard to sell a website for a good price, even if it has a good record of making income every month, and likewise, buying a website with a good income record doesn’t mean that it will definitely continue to make money if you purchase it, it’s a real minefield.

That is where using a website brokerage comes into it. These website brokers are specialist individuals, or companies who take car of everything for both the buyer, and the seller.

The broker will do due dilligence checks to ensure that the website is worth the amount the seller wants, and if it isn’t, they will advise of a correc price range to aim for. Likewise, when purchasing a website from a broker, you have an added layer of protection as the broker has checked the full website and all of the related analytics and income reports to ensure it is legitimate, after all, their reputation is at stake if they sell a bad one.

So what’s the catch? Well, there’s a fee for using a website broker, you can expect to pay somewhere form 8 – 15% of the final sale value, but that can actually pay for itself, as a broker is likely to get a higher price for the site than you would have by trying to market it yourself.

If you’re thinking of selling a website, you need to make sure you compile all of the available information you have which a prospective buyer would be interested in, and more importantly, make sure that the information is accurate.

The information you’ll generally want is;

Traffic information

How much traffic do you get every month, a breakdown of where visitors come from, both in terms of search engines or direct traffic and also geographic location, if you use Google Analytics it will provide all of the information that a buyer would require regarding traffic.

Income information

If your website is making an income, you’ll want as much information on this as possible, how much it makes per month on average, whether or not some months have been higher for a known reason or not, how you monetise the website (do you make money from ads, from sales, from comission?) how long has the website been earning, and, are these earnings likely to continue. You’ll need solid reliable proof of the income, as this is going to be the main deciding factor for many prospective buyers.


Provide as much history on the website as you can, including any work you’ve done to increase traffic and sales, do you need to spend money every month to maintain the traffic and sales volume you currently have? These are all the types of things a buyer will want to know about. Be as open and honest as possible.…

Improve your water quality

Buying the best water softener can be tricky, there are so many different makes and models on the market today that you’ll have a much easier time if you check out the best water softener reviews and ratings before you buy. That way you’ll have an idea of the types of systems which will be right for your home before you even think about putting your hand in your pocket and shelling out your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking for a water softener system then you’ve obviously identified a need for one, or have at least heard about the benefits, but what can you really expect once you have one fitted?

Well – softer water! But how does that change things in your home?

One of the more noticable things that softer water do, is make cleaning easier – wiping down your kitchen worktops, or glassware will leave them smear free when you have soft water, this is due to the fact soft water has less mineral hardness in it, so does not leave marks and smears so easily. Limescale becomes a non issue with a water softener, as it builds up a lot slower than when you are using hard water. Not only that, you should have some minimal savings on your utility bills too, because soft water boils quicker – meaning your boiler doesn’t need to work as hard to get up to temperature. Your shower and kitchen appliances will also benefit because the lack of limescale will allow them to run more efficiently.

So the benefits in your home are clear, but what about other benefits?

Well, soft water is a lot kinder to your skin, and also your hair, you’ll notice that your hair feels cleaner from the first wash with water softener, as a side effect, you may feel that your hair has gone out of control and is now a lot more pouffy than before, this is because the minerals aren’t sticking your hair strands together anymore. Your clothes will feel a lot softer, cleaner and fresher too, because hard water causes detergent to become trapped within the fibres of your clothes, that is also why clothes tend to fade and become duller than when you purchased them. With a water softener you’ll no longer need to purchase expensive detergents that are made for hard water areas, good old standard water softeners will do the job much better when you have soft water!

If you’ve been living with hard water and aren’t a fan of the taste, chances are you’ve resorted to bottled water from the supermarket, but as anyone who has a water softener will tell you, soft water tastes so much better! We’ll bet that within a week of switching to a water softener system, you’ll stop buying bottled water, and start saving money! If you’re not buying bottled water you’re also producing much less waste – no need to send loads of plastic bottles for recycling every week, simply fill your glass from your tap!…

Recycling and your Garden

We all know most of the conventional methods of recycling, but what if you don’t want to send your recyclable items off to a recycling plant? The garden is an excellent place to make use of some common, recyclable waste.

Here are some ideas to get you going;

Plastic drinks bottles

Cut the bottom off your used plastic drinks bottles, and you instantly have some excellent small cloches, place them over plants to keep them sheltered from the elements until they are established enough to survive unprotected. You can even adjust the ventilation by unscrewing or screwing the lid.

Empty Milk Cartons

Wash out your old milk cartons and then cut then at a roughly 45 degree angle, being sure to keep the handle attached. You now have a scoop perfect for compost and loose soil, ideal for filling pots and seeding trays.

Egg boxes

The cardboard version of egg cartons make excellent trays for chitting potatoes – keeping them all in the same position whilst they sprout. They are also excellent for starting off small seeds – each individual section can hold a different type of seed if required.

Toilet roll / Kitchen Roll tubes

Toilet roll tubes, or cut in half Kitchen roll tubes are perfect for starting off small seeds that require deep rooting, such as sweet peas, peas and carrots. Fill the tubes with compost and sow the seeds in the top. Once the seed is well enough established, plant the entire tube in the ground outside in your vegetable patch or other location, and the tube will naturally decompose – Simple!

Scratched, or just unwanted CDs

Hanging up CDs from strings around your seeds can make excellent bird scarers, the sun reflecting from the discs are excellent at keeping your seeds safe from those pesky birds.

Of course, the best way to reduce waste and the amount of required recycling is to future proof – for example your garden paving, we all like to save money but if we go out and buy something which will only last a few years, we’ll soon be filling the landfills with rubble and unwanted paving slabs, the best way to avoid this is to choose your paving wisely, and make sure you select a reputable paving contractor.

There are many paving companies to choose from, so checking out reviews and taking recommendations is an excellent way to choose. Did you know you can also use reclaimed paving – paving which has been used elsewhere, is still in good condition, but is no longer required for its original purpose?

The same can be said for garden sheds, and even greenhouses – check out your local selling pages, or even Freecycle groups to see if you can pick up a bargain before splashing out for a brand new garden shed.…

Get Rid of Unwanted Electricals

It may not be obvious what to do with old, unwanted electrical goods, but if they still work then there are many options.

Some charity shops or used furniture stores will accept electrical goods to sell on, these charity shops generally have a member of staff who is trained to test and certify electrical goods to ensure they are safe for resale to the public.

If you don’t have a local charity shop, you can look to the internet, with groups such as Freegle and Freecycle available in most areas, there is almost always someone who can make use of your old items – you can also post furniture and other items on these groups, although it’s worth checking the rules before posting.

Facebook groups are more and more common, there are local selling and freebie sites on Facebook for most areas, and everybody loves a freebie, you won’t be short of takers.

Do you have a friend in need, or a friend of a friend? Helping out others with your unwanted goods is always satisfying. Perhaps a friend’s child is moving into their own home and needs the essentials, your free item could be a great help.

Try looking for local events where people swap unwanted goods, you might just find something you need, in place of something you don’t need – and you’re saving 2 items from the landfill!

You can also check out local high street stores such as Cex, Cash Generator, and cash converters, if your item is still in good condition, you may get a little money in return for your unwanted item(s), and again, you’re saving it from the landfill and getting something back in return.
If all of the above fail (very unlikely!) or your item is broken beyond repair, then taking it to your local recycling centre is your best bet. If it’s something such as a washing machine or cooker, the shop which delivers your new item may take the old item away free of charge – it’s worth asking the retailer.

Remeber, if you’re getting rid of a phone, laptop or other device of this nature, ensure you wipe the device clean (factory reset or similar) before passing it on to ensure no personal data is left in place

If you have any recycling tips for unwanted electrical goods, let us know and we’ll add them to our list!…

3 Simple Recycling Tips

Know what you can recycle

It can be hard to know exactly what you can and can’t recycle, and even harder to know what you can put in your local council recycling bin for collection. Generally council recycle bins will accept tins, cans, paper, cardboard and plastics such as milk cartons, plastic takeaway trays etc, but will not take glass (unless you have a seperate glass bin!) but you can take glass to your local glass bin. You can often find local clothes bins too, some of which will go to local charities for re-use, some will be shipped overseas and the rest will be recycled in other manners.

Use your council’s collection service.

Most local councils provide a recycling bin as well as a general waste bin, use both! Know when your collection dates are, some councils collect weekly and others collect fortnightly, it’s amazing how empty your general waste bin can be come collection day if you’ve recycled correctly! If you don’t have a recycling bin, call your local council, they may have a scheme which you’re missing out on!

Make Recycling Convenient

You may find it easy to dump all of your rubbish in the same bin for convenience and to save time, but here are some tips to make recycling less of a time hog.

– Wash out jars and tins when you’re finished with them, we like to throw them in the sink after we’ve washed up, reusing the dish water. Recycling doesn’t need to be spotless, but being clean is important, not only does it help the recycle centre, it keeps your recycling bin clean and fresh.

– Keep the recycling bin or box next to your general bin, that way you don’t need to make several trips, or go out of your way to recycle, if you’re already taking out general rubbish there’s no need to not recycle at the same time.

– Drop off glass bottles and jars at your local supermarket when you’re doing your weekly shop, you can even shop with recycling in mind, buy products which have less packaging, or packaging which can be recycled. Take your own reusable carrier bags with you to save buying or using the shops bags – often shop carrier bags are bad for the environment and take many many years to break down.…

Local Business Supports Recycling

Local Business, PixelCraft Digital Services is sponsoring the Blanchardstown Recycle Christmas Fair in Castleknock Village.

The fair will be promoting the recycling of both packaging from Christmas presents (and dinner!) as well as recycling of old toys, games, electrical items and unwanted gifts.

PixelCraft Digital Services are very well know for their services, they are known as the primary SEO consultant in Ireland.

A source, who wishes to remain un-named said “Much of our business comes from the local community, we help local business owners build an online presence which promotes their business and draws in new custom, sometimes this will mean that more packaging and products are sold locally, so we felt we’d like to give something back by promoting the recycling of the packaging, and old goods.”

Whilst most of us do our normal recycling, seperating our unwanted cardboard, paper, glass, tin and plastic, most of us aren’t quite sure what to do with old electrical goods, batteries, car parts etc, so it is an excellent move to have this information circulated to the public in a community event.

Did you know, things like motor oil must only be disposed of at approved locations, pouring it down a drain or dumping it with normal waste could have serious environmental implications, and burning it may land you in serious trouble with the law.

We would reccomend using someone such as Rilta to collect your oil – they are fully authorised and will provide evidence of this, as well as a receipt upon collection. You can book a collection from Rilta here:

Electric Vehicles Just Got Small!

We’ve all seen the news about the latest EV technology making it possible to do not only short journeys, but slightly longer commutes in an Electric Vehicle – With chargers showing up in many fuel stations and service stations, you can drop in a quick charge part way through your journey.

But did you know, things like electric scooters, and self balancing scooters, also known as swegways are becoming more and more popular, and are replacing motorcycles and mopeds for short journeys, which is helping the environment immensely.

If you’ve never heard of a swegway, you soon will – these little gadgets are looking set to become this year’s must-have Christmas gift, and we can see them being huge next summer, whether it’s kids playing out, or Adults using them to get to and from work, or the shops, self balancing scooters are certainly going to be game changers in the electric transport world.

Popping to the shops, or doing your local office commute every day will be trivialised by a Swegway, unlike Electric cars, there’s no need to have a charging point outside, you can simply plug your swegway into a standard power outlet at home or work, and it will be fully charged within a few hours.

This is the new age of clean travel, help the environment by using an electric smart scooter instead of a moped or other emissions emitting vehicle.…

Save Money And Be Green With This Device

Everybody likes to save money, and if you can do a little to save the planet whilst saving money, even better – right?

So why not invest in an Android TV box, these little devices have a one off fee, so they will actually save you money in the long run, as there is no expensive monthly TV subscription to pay. You can rest assured that your monthly outgoings will be seriously slashed with one of these devices. But you may be wondering exactly what they are.

Well, an Android TV Box is primarily a TV streaming device, allowing you to watch TV shows, movies and more, whenever you want (all you need is an internet connection!)

That’s not all – of course you’ll benefit from the money you save, but how will that help the environment? Well, these smart tv boxes are small in size which means they need a lot less packaging than a conventional Sky or Cable box, so there will be less waste packaging, and should you ever need to dispose of the box itself, it is already smaller than a standard TV box.

Additionally, there is no need for a dish, so no unsightly chunk of metal attached to your home, and even better, no damage to the environment from mining the metals required to create the dish – ok so the dish may have been made already, and the damage done, but less demand = less requirement for supply, so the short term effect may be negligible, but in the long term we’ll certainly be doing some good!

So if you’re looking for a money saving tip, and a way to reduce the amount of waste material you bring into the home, we recommend one of these.…