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A Beginners checklist to Online Marketing

If you’re a beginner to the world of online marketing, the huge about of resources available across the web can look very daunting, but this need not be the case. Whilst there are a million and one ways to market your product, brand or service online, we’ll address some of the top areas you should be addressing in order to get your foot on the ladder.

Everyones goal when online marketing varies, but each and every person who is trying out online marketing shares 2 common factors – they wish to drive traffic to their online presence, and they wish to convert that traffic into a sale, a lead, a download or something else.

So what steps do you need to take extra care to ensure you complete?

Make a list

I can’t emphasise this enough, the planning stage is the most important stage of ANY project, whether it be online marketing, creating a product, or even planning a holiday. Have a clear concise list of what you wish to achieve and how you think you can achieve it.

Things to include:

– Your target market – if you’re selling million dollar homes, your target market is likely going to be older, possibly married men and women, not single unemployed 17 year olds – wasting time marketing to the wrong audience can be a costly mistake.

– How you plan to approach the market – add a second list of ideas you have brainstormed, are you planning promotions? Giveaways? Something else to make those people interested in your brand over a competitor brand?

– Your budget. Be clear on this, it is VERY easy to overspend or to get “nothing” for your money in the internet marketing world. Pick a reputable company such as Calagry Internet marketing. Ensure you set a budget and stick to it. Break the budget down into key areas and keep a small contingency fund for anything that is more expensive than your initial thoughts, but never go over budget.

Once you’ve completed your list, you’re going to need to ensure what you’re marketing is as good as it can be.

The Website

We recommend building, or having built a clean, modern website that belongs to you. It should be easy to use, and appeal to your target market – Everything should be easy to find and there should be no complicated process required to complete your sale/conversion. The less clicks it takes a user from landing on your homepage to completing the action you want them to, the better.

The Conversion Funnel

A sales or conversion funnel is simply a streamlined ideal of how you’d like things to go – You want traffic to your website, you then want the visitor to click a link to your product, and be interested in the product, they have now converted from a normal visitor to a prospective customer, you then want the prospective customer to convert by purchasing your product/service/other and become a customer, thus flowing through the funnel.

Conversion/Sales funnels can be as complex, or as simple as you need it to be for your particular target market.

Solve A Problem

Perhaps one of the best ways to get visitors to a website, and to sell a product, is to solve a problem. That problem …

Breastfeeding & Baby Slings

Even in today’s modern world, there still appears to be some form of stigma around women brestfeeding their babies in public. Most mothers still try to go somewhere private and out of sight of others in order to breastfeed their baby, to avoid unnecesarry confrontation – however, many of them aren’t aware that a woven baby wraps can allow them to breastfeed whilst carrying their baby around, and nobody will be able to see, or have any idea what they are doing.

Breastfeeding is a natural act, it has been a “thing” since the birth of the first baby, ever and those who have something to say about it being disgusting or unnatural should be ashamed of themselves, but if a woman is using a baby carrying wrap whilst breastfeeding, the people who have a problem with the process will be none the wiser.

Baby carriers are not only for mothers either – fathers have started to use them more often, with many styles and types of wrap available, they are actually becoming fashionable as well as useful. You can pick up a baby carrier to match most styles these days, meaning even the most fashion concious of people can go out happy with what they’re wearing.

Most baby slings are made from soft material which keeps the baby warm and cosy, meaning they feel safe – like they are back in the womb, this also keeps the baby settled. Shopping for a baby carrier can be confusing, there are so many different shapes, sizes and materials, our best advice is to take your time, try the ones you like the look/feel of for size – what is comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another.

Many different baby shops stock baby slings and carriers, you can also purchase them online however you wouldn’t be able to try before you buy, although purchasing online is often cheaper, with discounts available. It can be exhausting trying to carry an infant around with you whilst doing day to day chores, so ordering or purchasing a baby carrier can be a real relief – having both arms free to do your work and other tasks, even shopping, are suddenly much easier, and your baby is kept close and secure.

Baby hip carriers are similar in design to baby slings and carrier wraps. Both types offer excellent support for the baby, and are also comfortable for the parent to wear.

Baby wraps are becoming more common as gifts at baby showers or christening parties, that means that parents are being introduced to them early on, and recommending or gifting them to friends – they are increasingly popular and if you’ve not tried one yet, you’re missing out!

Who needs a baby carrier? Quite simply, anyone who has a baby – they are stylish, comfortable and versatile. Pushing a pram around all day can be hard, especially if you’re shopping and need a shopping trolley too, baby slings have removed this issue and make everything easier and more convenient.…

A guide to buying drones online

Drones are exciting toys and professional gadgets that everyone both kids and adults would like to get their hands on. You however need to read a guide to buying drones online and understand all the factors and types before spending your cash. With the sales of drones/ UAVs shooting into millions of units the public needs guides before jumping into the pool of these remote controlled aircrafts. It is important to educate yourself on your country’s airspace regulations before purchasing a drone. One should also train on the best way to fly these small machines. Here are five guides on the drone to buy.

1. Not all drones are easy to fly

First keep in mind that all flying things are hard to control. For example a simple quad copter is impossible to fly and what keeps it flying is the inbuilt computer called the flight controller that is responsible for balance, gyration, e.t.c. and depending on the way the flight controller is set up, every drone flies differently. Some are set for more agility while some are set for more stability. Unlike planes and helicopters, drones have a direct relationship of ease of flight and price with the easiest to fly ranging inthe$700. This is due to the additional sensors to make the flight controller work better. As at now, some of the easiest drones to fly are the 3DR SOLO, Inspire 1, Phantom and Q500 4K. The drones like Syma X5C and Hubsan which are cheaper are much harder to controller.

2. Not all drones are ready to fly

As a guide to buying drones online, we cannot fail to explain the meaning of these common terms RTF, BNF and ARF.
– RTF means ready to fly. This kind of drone or quad copter comes readily assembled leaving you with only small tasks like charging the battery, installing the propeller and binding the controller.
– BNF stands for bind and fly. This kind of quad copter is delivered completely assembled but with no controller. If you have another controller and its compatible then you can use it or buy one sold separately. Check to make sure the controller has the correct protocol to communicate with the drone.
– ARF which stands for almost ready to fly are like quad copter kits. They usually do not come with a transmitter or receiver and may also require some level of assembly. The kit may also lack things like flight controller, battery, ESCs or motors. The definition of ARF is varied with every manufacturer.

3. Make a good investment prior

Since you will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars you need to really take your time and study the features that apply to your needs. A few of the points to consider are listed below:
– Go for a good controller and you will not regret it. They are not like smartphones that gets outdated every few months so they will serve you longer. Some can even be used for over ten years and still serve you perfectly. The transmitter part is removable so you have the freedom of upgrading it with new communication technology over time.
– It is advisable to invest in a good charger even though the prices maybe high. The cheap one that come with …

Keeping old computers alive

One of the largest issues with waste comes from electrical goods, many are too old to be broken down and recycled, or are quite simply not compatible with newer hardware, this can often mean that it ends up in a landfill site, taking hundreds of years to break down.

So what are the alternatives? Well, if your old computer or laptop still works, even if it’s slow and no good for you, someone else may get some use out of it – try selling it or even giving it away on a local Facebook group, or on a website such as ebay.

If your laptop or computer was working well for your needs, but suddenly stopped working then perhaps all is not lost. There are many businesses out there who specialise in fixing broken computers and laptops, old or new – wherever you are in the world there will either be a local retail store who can do the repairs for you, if not, you can use a remote service, this is often less convenient as you need to pack up your system and send it via courier or postal service to the repair company, which can be both costly and time consuming.

Dropping into a store such as computer repair Dublin, provided by Celtic Repairs in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 is a fast and convenient way to have your old system repaired, you’ll be able to stay in regular contact with the repair team and also support a local business.

Help save the planet, use laptop repair Dublin or a comparable service, try to sell your systsem, or donate it to charity and keep your old computer system out of the landfill!…

Recycling & Building Materials

In this day and age, everyone wants to go green and it has become a priority in our culture. For that reason, a lot of designers are focusing on developing passive energy systems as well as using materials from old demolition sites before they commence building the new project. After all, a lot of buildings nowadays use recyclable materials such as concrete, metal, glass and even brick. In the UK, a West Midlands paving contractor called Birmingham Paving have worked diligently to try and use recycled materials in many different public spaces across the years.

When a site doesn’t have much to provide, developers look for other settings. These recycled materials are very long lasting and in some instances they have even become stronger as a result. As recycling materials continue to increase, designers have suggested using groundbreaking procedures to try and push the borders to what we have created and the NL Architects have even suggested turning an old sewage silo into a rock climbing facility.

The design for a property rotated around materials that were found from a patio area and the eucalyptus and parquet flooring became the main feature. Glazing was used from a previous site and the laminated light beams were an exhibition and the framework for the home. So the materials for the building, even though they were recycled, actually ended up lasting much longer when compared and they were somewhat reinforced as a result. It has become the foundation of modern architecture and there are plenty of other designers out there who are doing their best to experiment with new designs. The materials that they are experimenting with may be somewhat unconventional, but the more we can progress with this, the better results we can achieve and the more of an impact we can make.…

Water Recycling – What, How & Why

According to a company called WaterWise, London is actually drier than Istanbul. In fact, around 30% of the water that we do use is flushed, 24% is used for cleaning and 1.3% is used for drinking. Even so, 100% of it is completely safe for us to consume. Rainwater harvesting systems often take a back seat when it comes to renewable energy but even so, we need to reduce water and that much is common sense. When you look at Greywater recycling, you will find that it can handle over 60% of the water that goes into your home.

Other options include a borehole, which is topped with a manhole. When you combine this with a pump set up, you can already start to see how this could be a viable option however this could set you back over £20,000. This is a little bit expensive to say the least but both systems can make it so you have more water available in your home. Take the re-aqua for example, it gathers up water that you use in your shower and your bath and it filters it. After this has been done, it sanitizes it and it makes it available. It isn’t drinkable but it can be used when you are flushing your toilet or for any other cleaning duties you need it for. It will cost you around £1,300 to set up but it will save you 30% off your water bill. If this sounds interesting, maybe you should consider the reAqua, which will set you back around £1,000. A whole house system which will filter any greywater from your taps and baths will cost you around £4,000-£6,000 and this reflects how much you could save. Even so, there are cheaper options available and this is something you should consider.…