3 Simple Recycling Tips

Know what you can recycle

It can be hard to know exactly what you can and can’t recycle, and even harder to know what you can put in your local council recycling bin for collection. Generally council recycle bins will accept tins, cans, paper, cardboard and plastics such as milk cartons, plastic takeaway trays etc, but will not take glass (unless you have a seperate glass bin!) but you can take glass to your local glass bin. You can often find local clothes bins too, some of which will go to local charities for re-use, some will be shipped overseas and the rest will be recycled in other manners.

Use your council’s collection service.

Most local councils provide a recycling bin as well as a general waste bin, use both! Know when your collection dates are, some councils collect weekly and others collect fortnightly, it’s amazing how empty your general waste bin can be come collection day if you’ve recycled correctly! If you don’t have a recycling bin, call your local council, they may have a scheme which you’re missing out on!

Make Recycling Convenient

You may find it easy to dump all of your rubbish in the same bin for convenience and to save time, but here are some tips to make recycling less of a time hog.

– Wash out jars and tins when you’re finished with them, we like to throw them in the sink after we’ve washed up, reusing the dish water. Recycling doesn’t need to be spotless, but being clean is important, not only does it help the recycle centre, it keeps your recycling bin clean and fresh.

– Keep the recycling bin or box next to your general bin, that way you don’t need to make several trips, or go out of your way to recycle, if you’re already taking out general rubbish there’s no need to not recycle at the same time.

– Drop off glass bottles and jars at your local supermarket when you’re doing your weekly shop, you can even shop with recycling in mind, buy products which have less packaging, or packaging which can be recycled. Take your own reusable carrier bags with you to save buying or using the shops bags – often shop carrier bags are bad for the environment and take many many years to break down.

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