A Beginners checklist to Online Marketing

If you’re a beginner to the world of online marketing, the huge about of resources available across the web can look very daunting, but this need not be the case. Whilst there are a million and one ways to market your product, brand or service online, we’ll address some of the top areas you should be addressing in order to get your foot on the ladder.

Everyones goal when online marketing varies, but each and every person who is trying out online marketing shares 2 common factors – they wish to drive traffic to their online presence, and they wish to convert that traffic into a sale, a lead, a download or something else.

So what steps do you need to take extra care to ensure you complete?

Make a list

I can’t emphasise this enough, the planning stage is the most important stage of ANY project, whether it be online marketing, creating a product, or even planning a holiday. Have a clear concise list of what you wish to achieve and how you think you can achieve it.

Things to include:

– Your target market – if you’re selling million dollar homes, your target market is likely going to be older, possibly married men and women, not single unemployed 17 year olds – wasting time marketing to the wrong audience can be a costly mistake.

– How you plan to approach the market – add a second list of ideas you have brainstormed, are you planning promotions? Giveaways? Something else to make those people interested in your brand over a competitor brand?

– Your budget. Be clear on this, it is VERY easy to overspend or to get “nothing” for your money in the internet marketing world. Pick a reputable company such as Calagry Internet marketing. Ensure you set a budget and stick to it. Break the budget down into key areas and keep a small contingency fund for anything that is more expensive than your initial thoughts, but never go over budget.

Once you’ve completed your list, you’re going to need to ensure what you’re marketing is as good as it can be.

The Website

We recommend building, or having built a clean, modern website that belongs to you. It should be easy to use, and appeal to your target market – Everything should be easy to find and there should be no complicated process required to complete your sale/conversion. The less clicks it takes a user from landing on your homepage to completing the action you want them to, the better.

The Conversion Funnel

A sales or conversion funnel is simply a streamlined ideal of how you’d like things to go – You want traffic to your website, you then want the visitor to click a link to your product, and be interested in the product, they have now converted from a normal visitor to a prospective customer, you then want the prospective customer to convert by purchasing your product/service/other and become a customer, thus flowing through the funnel.

Conversion/Sales funnels can be as complex, or as simple as you need it to be for your particular target market.

Solve A Problem

Perhaps one of the best ways to get visitors to a website, and to sell a product, is to solve a problem. That problem could be anything, if it is an issue that people have, and you can provide a better solution than anybody else then it is likely your product will sell.

That also works if you’re running a blog, a post which can solve someone’s problem is likely going to get a lot of hits, and could be used to convert your visitors to sales – let’s take an example in the health and fitness sector “how to lose weight fast”. The problem is, someone has some extra weight, they want to lose it fast – this isn’t easy to achieve, so they’re looking for a solution. If you were to blog about this and provide some options, then chances are, people are going to take notice. You could then look at selling health or weightloss suplements directly from your blog post.

Repeat Custom

Once you’ve sold to someone once, you’ve established a form of brand loyalty. Do you have something else they might like to purchase? It’s much easier to sell something to someone who has already purchased from you (assuming they had a good experience!) than it is to convert a new prospective customer, so go ahead and build yourself a database of existing customers who you can market to, either via email marketing, or via targeted advertising on your website or other advertising platforms.

If you follow all of these short steps when planning your marketing campaigns then you’ll already be ahead of so many others, who make the mistake of going in all guns blazing and not converting any of their visitors.

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