Breastfeeding & Baby Slings

Even in today’s modern world, there still appears to be some form of stigma around women brestfeeding their babies in public. Most mothers still try to go somewhere private and out of sight of others in order to breastfeed their baby, to avoid unnecesarry confrontation – however, many of them aren’t aware that a woven baby wraps can allow them to breastfeed whilst carrying their baby around, and nobody will be able to see, or have any idea what they are doing.

Breastfeeding is a natural act, it has been a “thing” since the birth of the first baby, ever and those who have something to say about it being disgusting or unnatural should be ashamed of themselves, but if a woman is using a baby carrying wrap whilst breastfeeding, the people who have a problem with the process will be none the wiser.

Baby carriers are not only for mothers either – fathers have started to use them more often, with many styles and types of wrap available, they are actually becoming fashionable as well as useful. You can pick up a baby carrier to match most styles these days, meaning even the most fashion concious of people can go out happy with what they’re wearing.

Most baby slings are made from soft material which keeps the baby warm and cosy, meaning they feel safe – like they are back in the womb, this also keeps the baby settled. Shopping for a baby carrier can be confusing, there are so many different shapes, sizes and materials, our best advice is to take your time, try the ones you like the look/feel of for size – what is comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another.

Many different baby shops stock baby slings and carriers, you can also purchase them online however you wouldn’t be able to try before you buy, although purchasing online is often cheaper, with discounts available. It can be exhausting trying to carry an infant around with you whilst doing day to day chores, so ordering or purchasing a baby carrier can be a real relief – having both arms free to do your work and other tasks, even shopping, are suddenly much easier, and your baby is kept close and secure.

Baby hip carriers are similar in design to baby slings and carrier wraps. Both types offer excellent support for the baby, and are also comfortable for the parent to wear.

Baby wraps are becoming more common as gifts at baby showers or christening parties, that means that parents are being introduced to them early on, and recommending or gifting them to friends – they are increasingly popular and if you’ve not tried one yet, you’re missing out!

Who needs a baby carrier? Quite simply, anyone who has a baby – they are stylish, comfortable and versatile. Pushing a pram around all day can be hard, especially if you’re shopping and need a shopping trolley too, baby slings have removed this issue and make everything easier and more convenient.

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