Dispose of your garden and building waste quickly

Disposing of large amounts of rubbish can be time consuming and costly, even moreso if you are performing home renovations, or have a sizeable garden to tend to. It’s all too easy to let a large mountain of waste build up in your garden during home DIY sessions, or whilst landscaping your garden, and loading the rubbish into your car or van could mean hours of work and multiple trips to the landfill site.

You could use a skip hire company to help you take the muck away from your garden if you’ve just laid a new patio, or returfed your lawn, but if your garden is exceptionally large, or you have waste from knocking down an old shed, or garage, or if you’ve been doing some home improvements, you may need 2 or more skips to manage the amount of rubbish you have amassed.

Companies that provide grab hire services will usually charge a single fee for collection, and disposal of the waste – much like conventional skip and dumper hire companies.

The most convenient part of using a grab truck rather than skips is, you can dump all of your rubbish in one huge pile, in a convenient location which a grab truck can access, the company will then send a truck out to you and the driver will operate the on-board crane arm to pick up all of your rubbish and place it into the truck – a much simpler process than trying to lift wheelbarrows of dirt and rubble into a skip.

It is important that all of your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, most garden waste will break down easily, but disposing of rubber tyres and other material needs to be done carefully – a specialist company will ensure they take all of your waste to the correct type of waste processing service, whether it be direct to landfill, or to a recycling plant.

Did you know that over 9 million tonnes of waste was sent to landfil in the UK alone over the year 2013? That’s a serious amount of rubbish, but what’s even more shocking is, that of all waste disposed of, over 40% was sent to be recycled, so the amount of waste in real terms was closer to 13 million tonnes – now think of that in terms of waste across the world, landfill sites cannot take waste indefinitely, so it is important that you dispose of your waste responsibly – reputable skip and grab hire companies will deal with this for you, and will be licenced to dispose of certain types of waste which smaller 1 man band, man with a van type rubbish disposal companies will not.

Don’t let the amount of waste you’ll generate scupper your plans for a new kitchen, a decked garden, or a fully renovated home, just be sure to call in the specialists when it comes to disposing of your waste material, that way you can be sure it’s going to the right place and not harming the environment.

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