Electric Vehicles Just Got Small!

We’ve all seen the news about the latest EV technology making it possible to do not only short journeys, but slightly longer commutes in an Electric Vehicle – With chargers showing up in many fuel stations and service stations, you can drop in a quick charge part way through your journey.

But did you know, things like electric scooters, and self balancing scooters, also known as swegways are becoming more and more popular, and are replacing motorcycles and mopeds for short journeys, which is helping the environment immensely.

If you’ve never heard of a swegway, you soon will – these little gadgets are looking set to become this year’s must-have Christmas gift, and we can see them being huge next summer, whether it’s kids playing out, or Adults using them to get to and from work, or the shops, self balancing scooters are certainly going to be game changers in the electric transport world.

Popping to the shops, or doing your local office commute every day will be trivialised by a Swegway, unlike Electric cars, there’s no need to have a charging point outside, you can simply plug your swegway into a standard power outlet at home or work, and it will be fully charged within a few hours.

This is the new age of clean travel, help the environment by using an electric smart scooter instead of a moped or other emissions emitting vehicle.

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