Local Business Supports Recycling

Local Business, PixelCraft Digital Services is sponsoring the Blanchardstown Recycle Christmas Fair in Castleknock Village.

The fair will be promoting the recycling of both packaging from Christmas presents (and dinner!) as well as recycling of old toys, games, electrical items and unwanted gifts.

PixelCraft Digital Services are very well know for their services, they are known as the primary SEO consultant in Ireland.

A source, who wishes to remain un-named said “Much of our business comes from the local community, we help local business owners build an online presence which promotes their business and draws in new custom, sometimes this will mean that more packaging and products are sold locally, so we felt we’d like to give something back by promoting the recycling of the packaging, and old goods.”

Whilst most of us do our normal recycling, seperating our unwanted cardboard, paper, glass, tin and plastic, most of us aren’t quite sure what to do with old electrical goods, batteries, car parts etc, so it is an excellent move to have this information circulated to the public in a community event.

Did you know, things like motor oil must only be disposed of at approved locations, pouring it down a drain or dumping it with normal waste could have serious environmental implications, and burning it may land you in serious trouble with the law.

We would reccomend using someone such as Rilta to collect your oil – they are fully authorised and will provide evidence of this, as well as a receipt upon collection. You can book a collection from Rilta here:

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