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Check out our new Parkour video which was shot for Repak Recycling Week focusing on recycling in the workplace. Recycling is easier than the Parkour guys illustrate with their acrobatic moves in this video, so lets all recycle more in the workplace.


Recycling at work can be as easy as recycling at home. It can reduce your businesses carbon impact and reduce business costs. Here are some tips to set up a recycling system in your workplace.

To help you recycle more at work it's a good idea break the workplace into different sections. Click on the different work rooms below to find out what additional items of packaging can be recycled at work.

Rollover the symbols to learn more.
Click on any room in the office to learn more about what to recycle at work.
Office Canteen Photocopy Room Bathroom
*Click on the rooms of the house to learn more

Recycle more in the office

All offices and desks should have just two bins; one for general waste and one for recyclables.
For confidential documents we recommend a central location for confidential shredding. Work recycling materials include:
  • Disposable paper cups.
  • Rinsed take away cardboard tea and coffee cups.
  • Rinsed beverage cans.
  • Drinks bottles and cans.
  • Office paper (don’t scrunch or crumble the paper as flat paper takes up less space in recycling bins). Re-use where possible by printing on both sides.
  • Magazines and promotional fliers.

Recycle more in the canteen / kitchen

The kitchen or canteen should have three bins for segregation and recycling of office waste.
  • Recycling bin for all used packaging and clean paper.
  • Compost bins for used food and food preparation waste.
  • General waste bin for non recyclable materials.
Place signs on the walls above the bins asking people to recycle and list the items that can go into each bin:
  • Plastic and tetra pak beverage and milk cartons.
  • Used cardboard boxes from breakfast cereal and tea bags boxes.
  • Plastic salad and fruit containers marked with symbol 1 PET.
  • Yogurt drinks bottles (no tubs).
  • Paper sandwich wrappers bags (clean and unsoiled).
  • Plastic sandwich inserts.
Any plastic packaging or bottle marked with these symbols (usually on the bottom of the pack), can be placed into your household recycling bin. You can also check with
your local contractor for a full list of recyclables they accept.

Recycle more in the photocopying room

All materials arising in this area should be fully recyclable, so a maximum of two bins are needed; one for recycling and one for confidential waste. Print on both sides of paper where possible.
  • Waste paper (shred any confidential information)
  • Wrapping paper that binds the reams of paper
  • Boxes from printer and copy paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Used stationary boxes

Recycle more in the bathroom and toilets

  • Tissue boxes
  • Cardboard toilet roll cores
  • Detergent & soap dispensers
  • If you have showers – used shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • Aerosol freshener cans. Make sure they are empty
RECYCLING SYMBOLS Learn more about recycling symbols and what they mean. WHAT TO RECYCLE Click here to learn more about what can be recycled.
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