Recycling & Building Materials

In this day and age, everyone wants to go green and it has become a priority in our culture. For that reason, a lot of designers are focusing on developing passive energy systems as well as using materials from old demolition sites before they commence building the new project. After all, a lot of buildings nowadays use recyclable materials such as concrete, metal, glass and even brick. In the UK, a West Midlands paving contractor called Birmingham Paving have worked diligently to try and use recycled materials in many different public spaces across the years.

When a site doesn’t have much to provide, developers look for other settings. These recycled materials are very long lasting and in some instances they have even become stronger as a result. As recycling materials continue to increase, designers have suggested using groundbreaking procedures to try and push the borders to what we have created and the NL Architects have even suggested turning an old sewage silo into a rock climbing facility.

The design for a property rotated around materials that were found from a patio area and the eucalyptus and parquet flooring became the main feature. Glazing was used from a previous site and the laminated light beams were an exhibition and the framework for the home. So the materials for the building, even though they were recycled, actually ended up lasting much longer when compared and they were somewhat reinforced as a result. It has become the foundation of modern architecture and there are plenty of other designers out there who are doing their best to experiment with new designs. The materials that they are experimenting with may be somewhat unconventional, but the more we can progress with this, the better results we can achieve and the more of an impact we can make.

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