Recycling Expired Domains

Almost every day of the week, thousands of domain names expire and are made available for registration again, or if the domain is seen as premium, it may go to a domain auction.

Ok, you might be saying “Why do I care if someone elses domain expires, it’s not going to cause problems for my website or email!”, which is technically right, but you should care, because expired domain names can be very useful to you. Expired domains are big business these days, with specialist brokers snapping up domain names to develop or to sell on. There are many websites online which provide a tool or list to search for expired domain names relating to your business, and we’ll tell you just why you’d want to purchase such a domain

But first, let’s go over what an expired domain name is – quite simply, it is a domain name which someone purchased for a period of time, whether that be 1 year or 10 years. That time has now ran out and the previous owner has either decided not to pay for another period of time, or has forgotten to pay. The domain name has now been removed from the previous owner and has been placed back into the list of available domain names, which anyone can register.

Ok, back to why you should care about someone elses expired domain;

– The domain name could have been a very well developed website under it’s previous owner, it may be that it’s a website many people remember and would love to see back online, what this means is, you would have traffic straight away once you placed a site on the domain, without having to do any form of advertising.

– The previous owner may have advertised the website extensively, they may even have paid for advertising which is still in place, this would mean that not only would you get a domain name for your money, you would also get some free advertising – everybody loves free stuff, right?

– The website may have been well ranked within the big search engines, imagine picking up a domain name which ranks number 1 for a hard to conquer keyword – a lot of the hard work has already been done for you – if a domain name has not expired for a long period of time, or you’ve purchased a domain name which hasn’t yet dropped (an about to expire domain) then the chances are, the search engine rankings won’t have dropped too much – you could make some serious money if you monetise the website properly.

– A lot of link building and social mentions could already be in place for the domain name. We all know that link building is grey-hat SEO at best, potentially even black hat, unless it is natural of course, and it can also be time consuming and costly. Purchasing an expired domain name which also has a diverse link profile can be an excellent way to get a head start.

So, if these expired domains are so great, why are they expired?

It’s hard to say really, it could be for a number of reasons;

– The previous owner may be suffering some financial hardship, and the cost of renewing a domain name and hosting is not high on their list of priorities.

– The previous owner may have changed email address and not received the renewal notifications so were unaware the domain name was going to expire.

– The previous owner may simply have lost interest in running the website, so let the registration lapse.

– The domain name may have expired because the business it belonged to previously has shut down or are no longer trading, or perhaps they have a new domain name they have switched over to.

Whatever the reason, if you see a domain name has expired, and it suits your business, or you’re interested in developing a website around it, check out its history and if it all looks good, grab it! It won’t stay expired for long!

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