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Recycling Symbols

The following is a list of recycling symbols that you may see on packaged products and goods that you buy. Understanding these recycling symbols will help you to choose the best recycling option:

Glass Recycling

This recycling symbol indicates that a glass product can be recycled in a glass recycling bottle bank, once it has been washed.

The Green Dot

This is a European trademark that producers and suppliers include on their packaging advising consumers that they have contributed financially to the recycling of the products packaging. It does not mean that the packaging is recyclable.

Aluminium Recycling

This recycling symbol indicates that aluminium packaging can be recycled.

Steel Recycling

This recycling symbol indicates that steel can be recycled.

Mobius loop

This recycling symbol indicates that the products packaging can be recycled. It does not automatically mean it is accepted in all recycling collection systems. Sometimes this is used with a x% figure in the middle which is used to denote that the packaging contains x% of recyclable material.

Paper Recycling

This recycling symbol shows that the paper or cardboard has been made with at least 75% genuine waste paper, or board fibre, or a mix of both. No part of the 75% contains mill produced paper.

Wood Recycling

This recycling symbol shows that the product contains wood from sustainably managed forests and is independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.


Dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully. Do not litter.


Plastic Recycling

The symbols below can be used the identify the different types of plastic. Most of the plastic recycling facilities in Ireland will accept PET and HDPE bottles. Some also take clean LDPE. Please check with your local connector to see what types of plastic they accept fo recycling.

Polyethylene Terepthalate High Density Polyethylene Polyvinyl Chloride Low Density Polyethylene Polypropylene Polystyrene All other resins and multi-materials
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