Save Money And Be Green With This Device

Everybody likes to save money, and if you can do a little to save the planet whilst saving money, even better – right?

So why not invest in an Android TV box, these little devices have a one off fee, so they will actually save you money in the long run, as there is no expensive monthly TV subscription to pay. You can rest assured that your monthly outgoings will be seriously slashed with one of these devices. But you may be wondering exactly what they are.

Well, an Android TV Box is primarily a TV streaming device, allowing you to watch TV shows, movies and more, whenever you want (all you need is an internet connection!)

That’s not all – of course you’ll benefit from the money you save, but how will that help the environment? Well, these smart tv boxes are small in size which means they need a lot less packaging than a conventional Sky or Cable box, so there will be less waste packaging, and should you ever need to dispose of the box itself, it is already smaller than a standard TV box.

Additionally, there is no need for a dish, so no unsightly chunk of metal attached to your home, and even better, no damage to the environment from mining the metals required to create the dish – ok so the dish may have been made already, and the damage done, but less demand = less requirement for supply, so the short term effect may be negligible, but in the long term we’ll certainly be doing some good!

So if you’re looking for a money saving tip, and a way to reduce the amount of waste material you bring into the home, we recommend one of these.

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