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Did you know that thousands of websites are bought and sold every day on the internet? We don’t mean newly registered domain names either, we’re talking about websites which have a proven track record, which have been running for months, or even years.

It can be hard to sell a website for a good price, even if it has a good record of making income every month, and likewise, buying a website with a good income record doesn’t mean that it will definitely continue to make money if you purchase it, it’s a real minefield.

That is where using a website brokerage comes into it. These website brokers are specialist individuals, or companies who take car of everything for both the buyer, and the seller.

The broker will do due dilligence checks to ensure that the website is worth the amount the seller wants, and if it isn’t, they will advise of a correc price range to aim for. Likewise, when purchasing a website from a broker, you have an added layer of protection as the broker has checked the full website and all of the related analytics and income reports to ensure it is legitimate, after all, their reputation is at stake if they sell a bad one.

So what’s the catch? Well, there’s a fee for using a website broker, you can expect to pay somewhere form 8 – 15% of the final sale value, but that can actually pay for itself, as a broker is likely to get a higher price for the site than you would have by trying to market it yourself.

If you’re thinking of selling a website, you need to make sure you compile all of the available information you have which a prospective buyer would be interested in, and more importantly, make sure that the information is accurate.

The information you’ll generally want is;

Traffic information

How much traffic do you get every month, a breakdown of where visitors come from, both in terms of search engines or direct traffic and also geographic location, if you use Google Analytics it will provide all of the information that a buyer would require regarding traffic.

Income information

If your website is making an income, you’ll want as much information on this as possible, how much it makes per month on average, whether or not some months have been higher for a known reason or not, how you monetise the website (do you make money from ads, from sales, from comission?) how long has the website been earning, and, are these earnings likely to continue. You’ll need solid reliable proof of the income, as this is going to be the main deciding factor for many prospective buyers.


Provide as much history on the website as you can, including any work you’ve done to increase traffic and sales, do you need to spend money every month to maintain the traffic and sales volume you currently have? These are all the types of things a buyer will want to know about. Be as open and honest as possible.

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