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Glass Recycling:

The following glass objects can be recycled

Glass bottles and jars

Glass Bottles Glass Bottles Glass Bottles Glass Bottles
  • Glass accounts for 8% of waste in the household bin.
  • Glass can be recycled repeatedly as glass does not wear out.
  • Recycling 1 glass jar saves enough energy to power a light bulb for nearly 1 hour or run a TV for 15 minutes.
  • Glass cullet (crushed and sorted used glass) can be recycled into new glass jars and bottles; as well as concrete, fibreglass, ceramic tiles, picture frames and it can also be used in roadbeds.
  • Using recycled glass requires 40% less energy than making glass from new raw materials.
  • In Ireland almost 70% of all glass packaging is recycled.
  • Most recyclers ask you to sort glass containers by colour; clear, green or brown. Once glass has been coloured the colour cannot be removed.
  • Manufacturers package their foods and beverages in green or amber coloured glass to protect sensitive food and beverages from degrading in sun light.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot recycle all glass products together. Light bulbs, ceramics, glass mirrors, window glass, and glass pyrex dishes are different types of glass and should not be mixed in with traditional glass packaging in normal glass recycling banks.
  • Visit our FAQ's page for answers to a specific question.
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