Why MyProtein’s Discounts & Bundles Are Terrible News For Those Who Recycle

MyProtein was established several years ago. A bright spark in the UK recognised the demand for whey protein and set about creating the fitness nutrition company from his bedroom. The idea was spurred by the fact that supermarkets and health nutrition stores like Holland and Barratt were obscenely expensive, and the protein sold in the gym reception themselves was usually priced at over £40 for a kilo.

From Bedroom Boy To Millionaire


The idea was born and the evergreen demand was all that Oliver needed to launch the company. Quick growth accelerated his operations which lead to MyProtein becoming a national brand, dominating the fitness supplement industry. The idea was simple – produce protein powder in mass quanitties, package it cheaply with basic branding and sell it to the masses. It worked and it’s easy to see why. An average kilo of whey protein will set you back over £30 in a British supermarket. Oliver was selling his for less than half of that – closer to a third, in fact, when you took his bulk discounts and promotions into account. The service was polished off by the lucrative next day delivery with DPD. That was all that was needed to propel the company into being the biggest fitness nutrition brand in the country. Oliver has since moved on to starting up a different company to rival MyProtein, he’s named it GoNutrition and aimed at slightly higher end products with a more prestigious product and branding. What did he do with MyProtein? He sold it for a small fortune. The Hut Group purchased the company in June 2011 for an estimated £54 million.

The Company Rely On Discount Codes, Coupons and Deals


MyProtein discounts and coupon codes are everywhere. ProteinPromo.com has an excellent list of the latest and greatest discount codes available for MyProtein. The brand has capitalised on the coupon craze that has spurned recession dodging shoppers into thrifty, frugal spenders, who chase the thrills associated with getting a good deal and counting the pennies they save. Whilst MyProtein remain environmentally friendly with their online presence sustaining from a plethora of paperwork and junk mail being forced down consumer’s throats, their bulk discount hampers and packaged protein deals are a nightmare for the keen recyclers.



Terrible For Recycling


Protein orders are delivered in a huge cardboard box. That’s not the issue, though. The box is secured with a vast array of plastic bubble wrap, padding and what you would consider a recycler’s worst nightmare. I understand it’s necessary to secure loose items – but why not use recycled soft card and paper like amazon do? They’ve clearly shown it to be feasible on a mass scale, so why can’t MyProtein. The other issues lies solely with the products packaging itself. Certain supplements, drinks and syrups arrive in a plastic bottle, which many local recycling centres will take. The protein, however, is packaged in a thick plastic sachet that can’t be recycled. The company has made strides into catering for vegetarians, vegans and various other niche markets. It remains a worry though that their core product is so far from what we consider to be 2016 acceptable standards of packaging. Supermarkets and grocery stores take great flak from the public due to their unnecessary packaging, but I cannot help but feel that online retailers need to pull their socks up and do their bit.

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